About Ambient

Hey there! Thanks so much for checking out our work and coming to see what Ambient is all about! We are a husband and wife photography and design team operating out of Austin, Texas. We're originally from a small town called Sweeny and we started dating in 2005 (fast forward 10 years and we're still crazy about each other)! After graduating we both went to college in Houston to study cinema and fine art, which led to the foundation of our own unique style of shooting and editing. After years of experimenting, way too many cups of coffee, plans that failed, and others that soared beyond our expectations, we found ourselves living a dream that we never saw coming.

Our success is credited to the faith that our wonderful clients have put into us from the start, along with the never-ending blessings that we’ve received from our Savior. We try to fill our lives with music, art, family, and faith - because without any of them we'd be totally lost. When we're not out photographing, you'll find us adventuring outside with our black lab, Rome, or at the movies with a large Mr. Pibb and giant popcorn! Thanks for taking the time to stop by - we are so grateful to have the opportunity to provide stunning images for you guys and we look forward to meeting you! Want to learn more about us? We’d love to talk! Write us on our contact tab! #beambient

With Love,
Justin and Kirby